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The impact of the epidemic varies. In the first quarter, Samsung's financial report is afraid to decline, and SK Hynix will improve
author:Administrators Published in:2020-03-11

In 2019, due to the continuous downturn of demand in the first half of the year and the sharp fluctuation of NAND flash price in the second half of the year, Samsung, western data, Jiaxia, Meguiar, SK Hynix and other financial reports suffered difficulties, especially the net loss of Jiaxia and Western data in 2019 reached us $1.8 billion and US $1.193 billion respectively, and SK Hynix's net loss in the fourth quarter was also won 118 billion for the first time in seven years.

After the dilemma of 2019, we will encounter the dilemma of global outbreak of "epidemic" at the beginning of 2020,The market forecasts that in the first quarter of 2020, Samsung's revenue will reach 53.7 trillion won, down 10.3% month on month, and its operating profit will be 6.08 trillion won, down 15.1% month on month. Sk Hynix's revenue was 6.78 trillion won, down 2.1% on a month on month basis, flat on a year-on-year basis. Its operating profit was 511.7 billion won, an increase of 116.8% on a month on month basis.

2At the beginning of 020, the "new crown" epidemic not only affected China's production chain, but also affected the short-term global economy to a certain extent, resulting in a slowdown in the overall demand, including the demand for smartphones and personal computers. However, due to the strong demand for servers, the market expects that the price of high-performance and high-capacity memory chips will rise significantly, and the subsequent supply will be in short supply.

The market is optimistic about the follow-up, on the one hand, due to the limited supply of NAND flash and DRAM chips.In 2019, the original factory began to reduce and strictly control the supply of NAND flash and DRAM chips to balance the market supply and demand. By the end of the year, the inventory had basically returned to the normal level. Even if the semiconductor demand in the first half of 2020 dropped, the industry is very optimistic that the market demand in the second half will show a V-shaped recovery.

Although the environment is optimistic and upward, the relevant enterprises in the industrial chain also encounter challenges to varying degrees, such as how to ensure the normal operation of the factory during the "epidemic", ensure the supply of raw materials is stable, and solve the problems of goods transportation. What's more, after the "epidemic", how to adjust the market strategy and supply flexibly to cope with the rebound of market demand.

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