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3.2 million memory per year
author:Administrators Published in:2020-03-09

On March 9, centering on the development goal of building 5g smart industrial town, the "cloud signing" ceremony of investment projects in 2020 in Ninghuai special cooperation zone was held, and the first batch of industrial projects were signed.

The three projects signed for the first time are the security intelligent main control chip sealing and testing base project, the information and communication function new material and application innovation industrial base project, and the Ali intelligent shared manufacturing park project, covering the intelligent manufacturing application, ICT new material research and development, intelligent shared manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing industries.

At present, Ninghuai special cooperation zone focuses on building high-end industrial projects such as intelligent manufacturing, semiconductor and artificial intelligence terminal based on 5g network.

According to xinhuanet.com, the signing of the security intelligent main control chip sealing and testing base project is a semiconductor industry project with good prospects in the high-end industry of the country. In the future, the domestic SSD security intelligent main control chip sealing and testing project will be implemented in Nanjing Huaihe special cooperation zone. After the completion of the project, an annual production capacity of 3.2 million SSD security intelligent master chips and 300000 high-performance memory modules will be formed, with an annual sales of more than 500 million yuan and a profit and tax of more than 150 million yuan

At present, the initial planning of "5g intelligent manufacturing industrial town" of Ninghuai special cooperation zone has taken the lead in realizing 5g scale layout of the park in Central Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu, including four units of semiconductor manufacturing, artificial intelligence terminal manufacturing, intelligent equipment manufacturing and sharing community.

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