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[memory] what is the impact of the fire in Samsung Huacheng factory on the flash memory market?
author:Administrators Published in:2020-03-08

On the evening of March 8, 2020, a fire broke out in the factory area of Hwaseong, Samsung. According to the investigation of trendforce, a global market research organization, the fire area is adjacent to line The waste water treatment building of 16 did not directly affect the production area, and the fire occurred in the cooling tower on the top floor, which did not damage the equipment in the building, plus several sets of similar equipment in the plant, Samsung can support with other facilities, so there was no impact on line 16 production.

In terms of the NAND flash spot market, after the news came out, 3 / 9 of the early morning trading showed an upward trend under the active inquiry of Chinese traders, but as the event did not impact on supply and demand in fact, it is estimated that the momentum of the subsequent spot price chase will not be too obvious.

Line 16, which is the closest to the fire, is mainly a factory building for producing 3D NAND flash and CMOS image sensor. In terms of production process, it mainly has 64 layers (V4). Currently, it accounts for about 11-12% of the total investment of Samsung NAND flash, and plans to reduce the capacity of NAND quarterly. The factory will gradually switch to CIS production.

It is understood that the fire point is the same place as the previous power outage, Samsung has begun to investigate whether it is a circuit design problem.

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